Sound Design: ‘Avenue Q’ Additional Video


Cairns Choral Society’s 2017 production of Triple Tony Award winning musical Avenue Q, which incorporates video content as part of the production’s ‘Sesame Street for adults’ style. Whilst I was originally involved as a performer, I was also asked to produce the television advertising, and other video content for the web, I was also asked to contribute additional video content specific to the local production. Continue Reading →

Sound Design: ‘Avenue Q’ TVC

30 & 15 Second versions of the TVC were created and the audio also used for concurrent radio campaign.


I was involved with the Cairns Choral Society production of Triple Tony Award winning musical Avenue Q, and was originally approached to provide a character voice-over for a TV Commercial. Due to time restrictions and convenience, I offered to record the voice-over in my studio. After discussions with their producer about what the video content was going to be, I offered to take on the video production as well. Continue Reading →

Sound Design: ‘Children Of The Black Skirt’

The introduction cue from ‘Children Of The Black Skirt’, played in blackout.
The final part of the is the iconic footsteps and keys of the titular character.


‘Children Of The Black Skirt’ is one-act play, an Australian gothic fairytale in which three lost children discover an abandoned orphanage in the bush. As they encounter various artifacts (a black dress, a suitcase, a wash basket) the spirits of the past occupants of the orphanage manifest, and share their stories. Continue Reading →