Sound Design: ‘Avenue Q’ TVC

30 & 15 Second versions of the TVC were created and the audio also used for concurrent radio campaign.


I was involved with the Cairns Choral Society production of Triple Tony Award winning musical Avenue Q, and was originally approached to provide a character voice-over for a TV Commercial. Due to time restrictions and convenience, I offered to record the voice-over in my studio. After discussions with their producer about what the video content was going to be, I offered to take on the video production as well.

There were a number of challenges to this project, primarily being that

  • We were unable to use music from the show, due to the cost of rights and the society being on a tight budget due to the cost of the puppets and set
  • They did not have the actual show puppets, as they were being hired and would not arrived until two weeks before the show opened. The cast and crew were rehearsing with rehearsal puppets, so the only assets that were available were promotional stills that had been supplied by the company that provided the puppets


I worked with the show’s producer to source a production music track that mimicked the feel and style of Avenue Q’s opening number, but was available for a price within the project’s budget. Once we sourced this, voice-over was recorded. Employing my experience as a singer, I made suggestions to change some words in the script so as to allow the voice-over to ‘flow’ better with the American accent (done by an Australian).

The original print advertising that was re-formatted for the television commercial.

To produce the video, I received an Adobe Illustrator file of the print advertising from the graphic designer along with other available assets, and created an animated version in Final Cut Pro X. I created proof versions for the show’s licensor (Hal Leonard Australia), and then delivered final broadcast ready video files to the advertising buyer.

I also produced revised audio versions of the TV commercial audio for radio which were again delivered to the advertising buyer.


Working with Bill was an easy, enjoyable process. Bill translated what we needed into an effective, engaging advert in no time at all. From assistance with the overall look and feel, to selecting the music bed and fine-tuning the script, Bill was quickly able to deliver a polished commercial in both 30 and 15 second formats. The Cairns Choral Society continues to use Bill’s services and would highly recommend him to others.
– Louise Ottewell
Producer, Cairns Choral Society

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